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As already announced we are going to launch 42workflows in the near future – a free open source package that will help you automate your Laravel application. 

In this short video you can get an idea how our Workflows package works:

Basically, Workflow is the container of triggers and tasks. You can create Workflows by using drag & drop.

A trigger is the entrypoint for a Workflow. The trigger is responsible for starting the Workflow and passing the model.

A task is part of the Workflow and executes the code of the task in context of the Workflow.

The Data Bus passes data from one task to another. This way you can save and change data along the Workflow.

All triggers and tasks can have conditions, which can stop the execution of the Workflow.

Every Workflow execution gets logged. This way you can get all needed information about every run of a Workflow.

As a part of promotion of our Workflow package we promised 3 early access to it. These three have been chosen among 125 people who registered for our newsletter until the end of August 2020. 

And so, without further ado let us introduce you to our winners:

  • Simon Julian, Bespokeit Software
  • Jeremy Patterson, OneCert, Inc.
  • the name of the third winner will be published as soon as we get the winner’s approval for it

Congratulation to the winners and thanks for participation to all our newsletter subscribers!


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