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Are you using the Pomodoro Technique?

Dara Žižić -

As you might well know the Pomodoro Technique is a widely spread method used in time management to break down work into productive intervals. Traditionally, these intervals last for 25 minutes and are separated by 5-minute-breaks. 

We all have times where our productivity isn't exactly at its peak. This can be frustrating, especially when we are supposed to meet a deadline. When this happens, it might be good to try out this simple technique. 

Here’s how it works:

Make a plan

Plan how much you want to achieve and write down your daily tasks. Try to estimate how many “pomodoros” (intervals of 25 minutes) you’ll need for the tasks. The idea is to work on one single task within a pomodoro. Certainly, there are tasks that are not so time-consuming (making a short phone call or answering an email). In this case, you can group a bunch of smaller tasks into one pomodoro. 

Start the stopwatch 

Make sure you have a stopwatch or a kitchen timer. Set it for 25 minutes and start the work on your first pomodoro. The trick is to work on your task without any interruptions. This seems like the biggest challenge in the whole process. But when you think about it, the idea of working on a single task fully focused for 25 minutes makes sense. It eliminates the two biggest productivity killers - multi-tasking and constant interruptions. 

Make a break

After finishing your pomodoro, make a 5-minute-break. Go stretch your legs, make yourself a coffee or tea. Important thing is that you do something that will keep your mind off the work and relax you.  

Complete four pomodoros and take a longer break

After a short break go-ahead to the next pomodoro. And enjoy your break afterward. After completing four pomodoros make a longer break.

That’s the Pomodoro technique in a nutshell.

The idea of short working intervals and promised break afterward can motivate us to stay focused and get the work done.

We are all aware that It’s not easy to find the perfect productivity system. Try out the technique in its original form. See if it works for you. Maybe 25 minutes are not enough. Or the alarm clock interrupts a perfect workflow, where you are fully concentrated on your work. If the original version isn’t a true match, try it with some modifications and let us know of the outcome. 

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