User generated Mails and PDFs in Laravel

Use our document tool to make your clients able to change the content of Mails and PDFs in your application. Use placeholders to work with dynamical content.

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Use our tool to create emails, pdfs or invoices for your business in only a few simple steps. 


Start by choosing an appealing template and add the basic information you need. Save the template and use it as a starting point for you everyday activities.


Once the needed information is added to your database your documents will be automatically filled out and ready to use.


Streamline you processes and accelerate your business by removing redundant and unnecessary steps.

One document tool -
many possibilities

Our document tool simplifies your everyday processes with automated workflows. It can be used as a base for creating any kind of editable, server generated documents, such as email templates, invoices, PDF documents or claims.

Standalone or integrated?

The tool can be used standalone or incorporated into your existing business solution. Moreover, it could serve as the base for the development of your customised business solution.

Step by step basic example workflow

Create a basic mail template

Step 1: Create a basic mail template, where you can define the basic look and feel of it. You can also define the fields you offer to be filled in your backend.

Create a mail template class

Step 2: Create a class which defines what placeholders are available in your mail. For example pass in your user object to access your user data.

Create dynamic content​

Step 3: Create a new mail in the backend and add content to it. Use placeholders to greet your users or to create a list of items in an order. We use Twig as a render engine.

Send your emails

Step 4: Send the newly created mails to your users. The templates will get rendered and the placeholders will be replaced with dynamic content. Use it for welcome mails, reset password mails and many others.

Document Template Package - In Depth

As a part of Business Workflow Framework, our document templates Laravel package allows you creating and managing user editable document templates stored in the database.
Moreover, it offers you the possibility of adding placeholders and assigning various data sources (models, collections, arrays, objects) to the placeholders.

The package uses Twig as a main template engine, that could be extended with other template engines. The editable parts of the document template are secured using Twig Sandbox Extension, while the sandbox behaviour can be configured in the config file.

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Core Features

Want a customised solution?

Our document templates Laravel package can be customised to meet specific technical requirements and improve your business workflows.
Contact us for more info.

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