How we at 42coders use social media platforms

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When a company is present on social media platforms it gives the company a human touch and it helps establishing company’s credibility. Moreover, it makes the company more approachable in the eyes of customers and potential customers.

We at 42coders love sharing a glimpse of our work and atmosphere. In order to do so, we use a couple of social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Since the social media platforms are different and engage different types of audience, we post different content on each platform.


When it comes to keeping up to date with the news – Twitter is the platform to use. 

We use Twitter to share news from the industry, to brag about our newest accomplishments or products and to direct attention to our blog posts. 

But, if you scroll through our Twitter timeline you will also find some funny or non-work related content. 

Have a look at our Twitter timeline.


As an entirely visual platform Instagram relies on images and videos only. Yes, sure, you can always give your post a catchy caption, but the image or video that you post will be what draws someone’s attention first. 

Therefore, we use Instagram to share a behind the scenes look, i.e. to recognize and celebrate employees’ birthdays, give you a sneak peek into our working atmosphere and show the energy and atmosphere of the events, that we either organize or attend to. 

Check out our Instagram page.

And, yes, we ate all those cakes 😉


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and as such it relies on job listings and career information. 

On our Linkedin company page you can find information about current job openings, events that we are organizing, but we also use it to promote our blog posts every now and then. 

Unlike Instagram and Twitter, the tone of the platform is rather formal, so sometimes it is challenging to provide enough content in regard to career or company news. 

Follow our company page on Linkedin.

You don’t have to create company account on every social media network. Find the ones that will represent your company values and culture in the best possible way and provide high-quality content to your followers on a regular basis.

Happy posting! 🙂


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