Junior Developer Internship at 42coders

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Update: Thank you all for taking time to apply for the position. The position is now closed. For other jobs updates visit our Jobs page.

Starting as a Junior Developer is no easy ride. You’ve probably acquired a lot of theoretical knowledge and you are hunting a project where you can put all the theory into practice and get first-hand experience of how the industry actually works. 

We at 42coders would like to offer you the possibility to gain that practical experience – whether as an intern or as a working student.

In addition to the industry knowledge it would be good to meet the following requirements:

  • Knowledge of written and spoken English  
  • Basic PHP backend development
  • Basic Linux server

There are also a couple nice-to-haves such as:

  • OOP development 
  • Git
  • Basic MySql
  • Basic knowledge of Server, Ngnix / Apache, Homestead / Vagrant
    In case you have any of the above listed skills, we would consider this as an additional advantage.

Why you should join our team at 42coders:

  • The team – You’ll get the chance to work with incredibly interesting and smart people
  • Expertise – You’ll be working on challenging projects and using modern technologies
  • Personal growth – You’ll working closely with your mentor/the team to grow your personal skills
  • Great location – You’ll be enjoying working from our downtown offices in Belgrade or Subotica
  • Dynamic workflows – You’ll gain insight into the organizational structure of an international company
  • Learn by contributing – We will strongly support contributing to open source projects, writing blog posts and taking part in community meetups
  • Interesting events – You’ll be attending PHP Conference in Belgrade with us 🙂
  • Perks – You’ll be enjoying delicious espresso from our precious coffee machine 
  • Some more perks – Every now and then there will be some really interesting beer tastings
  • Sweets – There would be a lot of cakes, too 🙂
  • And the most important thing – don’t worry! If it gets frustrating, our developers will help you get that nasty bug fixed and every merge conflict will be a valuable learning experience (at the end). 

So, if you’re a nice, motivated person looking to make a difference in the industry and if you think we may be the good match, visit our job page or send us an email

We look forward to meeting you 🙂

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