Laravel sorting paginated content

paginate collection problem
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Have you ever been in situation where you want to run sortBy method, to sort content by specific relation on object, but content is paginated also?

In that scenario you can only sort per page, and not overall result.

So we have:


and that would work perfectly, but the problem is simple, you can’t call ->paginate(x) on collection which get() returns.

At that scenario, it’s time to go to very top of your controller and to append following uses:

Next thing to do, is to implement following function which enables you to paginate collection, and it needs to look like:

And than, in that controller, you can use $this->paginate($exampleContent->get(), 10),  which will paginate your collection same way as ->paginate(10) would do on a query, and contain all same functions.

I’m totally sure that you can find better place for this function, but I’ve used controller just as quick example for educational purposes.

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