Powerful benefits of blogging

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One can never emphasize enough the importance of running a blog. Whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner you can use blog as a powerful marketing tool. 

Over the years we have become convinced of the numerous benefits of frequent blog posting. 

Let us list a few of them:

Recognizable online identity 

Consistent publishing of quality content is a perfect way to make your company stand out. There is no more powerful marketing tool than a content that reflects your company values and gives a clear picture of your company and what you represent. This way you can not only give insight into your company culture, but you can also show real people behind your products or service.

Established credibility

Another powerful benefit of blogging it that it allows you to reach out the community, share knowledge and provide a lot of tips and tricks from the industry. So, if you are an expert in a certain field, blogging is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and reach your target audience. Moreover, it makes it easier to get in contact with the like-minded people from the industry, as blogs are designed to support interaction between the author and the readers. 

Increased site traffic

Posting blog posts on a regular basis can boost your company website traffic. By creating high-quality and industry-relevant content you are bringing visitors to your website.
The better the content, the more traffic you’ll gain. The more traffic you gain, the higher the probability visitors will share the content with their connections.

Better SEO rankings 

No need to explain how important Google rankings are. Google loves fresh articles with valuable content and relevant keywords. So if you post well-written and useful content, believe us, Google will take notice. You should also make sure that you find your ideal posting frequency, whether weekly or monthly in order to maintain i.e. improve your rankings. 

Given all the benefits a blog offers, it’s definitely worth the time and effort to run one.
Moreover, every team member can contribute by writing an article every now and then. This way the level of content quality is much consistent and a wider range of topics gets covered.

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