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Are you using ‘exec’, ‘passthru’, ‘shell_exec’ and ‘system’ php functions in your Laravel project?

Taking care of security risks by yourself, as well as expecting differences per operating system which project runs on?

Seems like it’s time to review Symfony Component ‘Process’, which allows you to handle things outside of project way easier, with high input-output control, and it’s escaping arguments to prevent security issues.

It comes with features like:

  • real-time Process Output,
  • Exception handling
  • Running Processes Asynchronously,
  • Setting Environment Variables for Processes,
  • Streaming to the Standard Input of a Process,
  • Using a Prepared Command Line,
  • wait() function,
  • Process Timeout,
  • Process Signals

Which gives you complete control over process you are running on server.


I found it’s great usage while handling the feature where I had to run specific python file, which required passed arguments:



Official documentation for this component:

Then, it’s time to go for it:

But before you do, also review Terminal, which is an elegant wrapper around the Symfony Process Component:


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