We have moved to a new office! :)

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For the past couple of months we have been searching for the ideal location for our new office and now we are more than happy to share the big news with you.

Our Belgrade team has moved to a new location in downtown Belgrade, in the heart of the Dorćol district, known for its beautiful buildings of different architectural styles and its wide variety of amazing cafes, restaurants and bars.

But let’s start from the beginning!

It’s not that we were unhappy with the old office – it was a unique place, where we made some incredible experiences and memories (even survived a fire in the building where the office was located!), but with the years we have outgrown the space and it was time to make a change.

One of the great benefits of moving is that feeling of starting a new chapter and we see this move as an important step in regard to our internal development.

The new office is more comfortable and spacious and it offers us therefore a greatly improved working environment and room to grow. Not to mention all the hustle and bustle happening in the neighbourhood. 🙂

As we are still in the process of getting settled, it’ll be a little while until we are ready to post all the images of our new space, but here is a sneak peak at the office and the surrounding area:


New office space with a lot of daylight should offer us more productive environment, where we can work even more efficiently and also accommodate new teammates in the near future 🙂 (You can check our website for current job openings)

We will be also hosting a small opening party soon for our business partners and friends to celebrate the big move, so if you are in the neighbourhood, feel free to stop by.

Last but not the least, a big thank you goes to all the colleagues who helped with the move. Great work, guys!




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