What are must have elements on a business website?

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Every business is unique. So are its needs. Your company’s website should contain elements that reflect your company values and give a clear overview of products and services you offer. 

Here what elements we used on our website to show our company and services in the best possible light. 


Start from the basics. Homepage is what your visitors are going to see first. Make sure your homepage is sleek, yet informative. At first glance your visitors should know who you are and what are you about. 


Make it easy for the visitors. They need to find what they are looking for quick and easy. Use intuitive and logical name for your pages. Place your navigation on the top of every page. And don’t forget to include the logo into it. 

Products & Services

Showcase your products or services. Your products and services are probably the reason why your visitors came to the website in the first place. Give a clear overview of your products and services and provide links to the separate product pages. On product detail pages provide your visitors with the extensive information about the products.

Impressum & Privacy Policy

Keep it transparent. GDPR sounds familiar, right? On the Imprint page you need to provide basic information about the company and on the Privacy Policy page you have to let your visitors know what kind of personal information are you going to collect and how will you use it. 


Content is the king. In one of our previous blog posts we have emphasized how powerful marketing tool blog could be. Post relevant content frequently and enjoy increased site traffic and better SEO rankings. 

Social component 

Keep it real. Give your visitors behind-the-scenes view. Let them find out something more about the company, its founder and employees. Add some photos that show real people working in the company and give it a human touch.

Links to social media 

Don’t forget social platforms. Social media are nowadays an essential part of every business. Make sure you link your social media icons or integrate your accounts into your website. 

Contact page & contact form 

Make getting in touch easy. Detailed contact information should be displayed on the website. You can put it on the Contact page and in the footer. Let your visitors reach you easily by placing a contact form on the page too. 


Promote open positions. Use Jobs page to inform your visitors about current openings or internships. Mention benefits and perks that you offer. Make the application process smooth by implementing application form on the page.


Last but not least, its majesty – the footer. Probably as important as navigation itself. A good footer should provide links to the most important website pages, contact info and social media icons. 

To sum it up: use elements that will represent you and your service in the best possible way.

Make sure your loading time is fast enough and your website is mobile optimized. 

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