Zeitgeber – one tool for all project management activities

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It’s almost impossible to run a company without having an efficient time tracking tool. That’s where Zeitgeber comes into play. 

Zeitgeber is our powerful weapon of choice when it comes not only to time tracking but also to all work related activities. 

This project management tool offers you a great number of features, that are inevitable when it comes to keeping your projects on track. 

With Zeitgeber you can create clients, projects and tasks. Every project offers task management which means you can always monitor the project progress, see what tasks your colleagues are working on and plan the project’s next steps. 

The intuitive interface allows you to easily add your tasks to the daily timeline by using drag and drop option and to add description to it. In order to have a clean and quick overview each project is assigned a color or it is set by default. 

The budgeting feature allows you to set project budgets, add hourly rate to every project, see your earnings and accurate overview of all billable hours. Moreover, you can easily export time logs to CSV or Excel format and send them to your clients, so they can have a clear picture of the hours spend on the project. 

In addition to tracking all the project related details Zeitgeber also allows you managing vacation time and personal days, creating public holiday calendar or recording each employee’s hours. 

So, if you are in search for a tool that can cover all your project management activities Zeitgeber might be exactly what are you looking for. 

Feel free to register and let us know what you think.

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